If You Are Facing Drug Charges You Need an Attorney

In Charlotte or any other city in North Carolina, an arrest for a drug offense will almost certainly mean jail time and some hefty fines. North Carolina takes drug offenses very seriously and enforces several different levels of drug charges. Defending a drug charge is a complex issue that should only be handled by a professional drug charge attorney for the best possible outcome. From simple possession to federal drug charges, the different levels each have their own range of fees and penalties.

  1. Misdemeanor possession
  2. Felony possession
  3. Possession with intent to sell
  4. Maintaining a dwelling
  5. Sell and/or deliver
  6. Drug trafficking
  7. Federal drug charges

In addition to the different drug charge levels, the severity of a charge will also depend on the type of drug involved. There are six classifications of drugs, each with its own mandatory charge. Depending on the classification, you could be looking at a misdemeanor or felony, even for a first offense. That’s a lot of different factors that go into how your case will end up and without a professional drug attorney, you can bet your case won’t end well.

Regardless of the charge or the drug, a drug charge doesn’t have to ruin your life. An experienced attorney understands the different levels and the drug schedule and can find the best way to present your case. They will be able to minimize jail time, minimize fines, and get your life back on track. Simply put, a good drug charge attorney can get you the best deal possible. From avoiding jail time by providing “substantial assistance” (being an informant) to a commitment to treatment, a drug charge lawyer knows all the options and which ones will work best for your particular case.

Without a drug charge lawyer, you are looking at something that could change your life for the worse for years to come. Don’t take that chance. North Carolina is known for its harsh punishments when it comes to drug charges, but with the help of a professional like Attorney Jason Reece, you can be sure your case will have the best outcome possible.