Even If Your North Carolina License Has Been Permanently Revoked, There’s Still Hope

If you have had your license revoked in North Carolina permanently and you think the situation is hopeless, an experienced traffic attorney can help. First, permanent in North Carolina isn’t usually as permanent as it may sound. Most of the time it usually means waiting three years for a hearing to restore your license. But even three years may feel pretty permanent, so understanding your rights and finding an experienced attorney to help can decrease or even eliminate that wait.

There’s a lot of reasons your license may have been revoked, from missing a court date which resulted in a Failure to Appear to not completing the mandatory classes from a DWI or drug charge. You could just pay off that old ticket or resolve whatever issue caused your license to be revoked, but in certain cases that could restart the three years all over again. Not a very good solution. Before you try to fix the problem on your own, you should at least talk with a traffic attorney because they understand the best options for your specific situation.

An experienced traffic attorney may be able to help you get a Limited Driving Privilege (LDP) in some cases. No, it’s not as great as having a full-time license, but it could at least enable you to get to work and continue to make a living. Some old cases against you can even be re-opened with a Motion for Appropriate Relief (MAR) that can positively impact when you can get your license reinstated. It takes a knowledgeable professional to understand and utilize these options for the best possible outcome, and that means an experienced traffic lawyer.

Even if you wait those three, long years for a DMV hearing, there’s no guarantee that your license will be reinstated. If your case is denied, you will have to wait another year for the next hearing. So before you decide to just drive anyway and risk making your situation much worse than it already is, call or email Charlotte Attorney Jason Reece. He can find the best way to get your license back as quickly as possible. Regardless of your situation, there is always hope in the hands of a good traffic lawyer.