Why You Need to Hire a Traffic Attorney for Your Charlotte, NC Traffic Ticket


If you get a ticket for a traffic violation in Charlotte, NC, you have a decision to make before you go to court. Do you represent yourself or hire an attorney? Whether it’s a speeding ticket, reckless driving ticket, or some other traffic ticket, there are some pretty compelling reasons to hire an attorney. Yes, attorneys cost money, but the cost of representing yourself and being found guilty can be just as costly, if not more so.

In addition to the fines and fees, there is a likelihood of increased insurance costs that can hurt your wallet for months or even years. A conviction could even result in losing your license, impacting your job and your quality of life. Before you decide to take your chances and save a few dollars up front, consider the following:

  • An experienced traffic attorney simply knows the ropes, whether it’s a stop light violation or an open container defense.
  • A local attorney in Charlotte, NC knows how to work with the local District Attorney and local judges. They know what works and what doesn’t and they know how to present your case in the best possible light.
  • A seasoned traffic attorney understands the laws and the procedures and can often minimize the damage or even get the violation dismissed altogether.

Even if you are certain that you can handle your ticket yourself because you think you are innocent or some other compelling reason, the chances of presenting your case as well as an attorney are pretty low. Whether you think you are guilty or not, whether you think the violation just isn’t that serious, or you simply feel like taking your chances, the risk of handling your case yourself is simply not worth it.

Don’t take that chance. Hire a traffic attorney and protect yourself, your license, and your driving record.

You don’t have to go it alone. If you, or anyone you know, gets a traffic ticket or any other charge, from an open container charge to possession charges, you have the Jason Reece Law Firm at your disposal.