Drunk Driving Charges: Can You Afford a DWI in North Carolina?

So it’s Saturday night and you’ve had a little too much to drink, but it’s time to go home.
Are you going to risk paying thousands of dollars and losing your license by getting behind the wheel and getting DUI charges? Or are you going to call an Uber or Lyft and pay about $35? Assuming you made the wrong choice, and you’ve been arrested for drunk driving, you’re going to need a good DUI lawyer.

Charlotte is a big city, and that means there are a lot of police and checkpoints ready to hand out DUIs. DUI laws are strict in North Carolina, and if you are arrested for driving under the influence, you better be prepared to find a good DWI attorney to protect yourself.

DUI penalties are complicated, ranging across six different levels of punishment for a DUI charge. Without a DWI lawyer to represent you, it may not even matter if it’s your first or your fourth, a prosecutor can start throwing in things like “aggravating” factors, and you find yourself with no license AND in jail before you even know what happened.

Not sure you need a DUI attorney? Consider the best outcome of going it alone against DWI charges. Just like most other North Carolina counties, getting a DWI in Mecklenburg County means a Level 5 charge at a minimum. There is no “First time offender” or “Low Blood Alcohol” provisions which mean you can’t be sure how harsh or lenient your sentence and fines will be. You won’t know where you stand until it’s too late. You could easily end up paying out around $700 in fines, possibly more, a stint with community service, and the loss of your license. Or you can hire an attorney who understands all the factors and knows how to minimize the damage to your driving record and your wallet.

STILL not convinced!? Do you think $700 isn’t that bad and maybe you’ll just get lucky on the rest? Consider the following. In addition to the approximately $700 fine, you are also looking at a Substance Abuse Assessment ($100), Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School ($160), Limited Driving Privilege Fee ($100), and another $100 to get your permanent license reinstated. Keep in mind that you could end up with no license, affecting your ability to make a living and consider the long-range consequences of having a DWI on your record.

Oh, and don’t forget insurance. A DWI conviction in North Carolina means your insurance company can increase your premiums up to 400%! That means if you pay $600 a year for insurance, you could end up paying a total of $7,200 over the next three years just because of that DUI conviction. Save yourself a lot of headaches and money and protect yourself by calling the Jason Reece Law Firm for the best DWI defense.