Using A Cellphone While Driving is Not Only Dangerous, in Charlotte It Can Be Illegal

Nearly everyone has a smartphone, and few of us go anywhere without them. We most likely have our phone with us when we’re driving, and sometimes the temptation to check a text or look something up is hard to resist. We can find directions, play music, and a variety of other things that take our eyes off the road. But a quick glance away, even for a millisecond, could mean the difference between life and death for us or someone else.

Using your phone while driving could mean you might end up using that same phone to find a good traffic lawyer, or in the worse case scenario, a good criminal defense attorney.

Because smartphones are so common and can be extremely dangerous to use while driving, Charlotte, North Carolina prohibits texting while driving. A texting and driving violation may not seem as serious as a speeding ticket or DWI, but consider this: using your phone while driving could injure or even kill you, another motorist, or a pedestrian. The potential danger and risks should put the law and the consequences in perspective.

Here at the Jason Reece Law Firm, we see too many cases where someone has been injured or killed by someone texting or talking on their phone while driving. We hope that everyone takes this issue seriously and drives with their undivided attention at all times. No text or phone call is worth the risk of putting yourself and other motorists in danger.

But if you get a traffic ticket for using your phone while driving, a speeding ticket, or a DUI, our experienced attorneys are just a phone call away. Just pull over first!