The Top 5 Myths of Traffic Ticket Charges

Whether you call them urban legends, common myths, or even “fake news,”

there is a lot of misinformation about things and traffic tickets are no exception. If you get pulled over for speeding or some other traffic violation in Mecklenburg County, don’t count on any of these popular myths to bail you out. That’s what an experienced traffic ticket attorney is for!


  1. You can win your speeding ticket case if the officer’s radar is faulty.

This is a common excuse that many drivers like to use in court. But the truth is that you can only win with this defense if you can prove the officer’s calibration records show that the radar unit is inaccurate.

Good luck with that. (It’s worth a shot though!)


  1. A traffic ticket is invalid, and you will be found not guilty if there are any typos.

Law enforcement officers are human, and human’s make mistakes (and some are just terrible spellers.) Unless there is some glaring, concrete omission or error in recording a license number or other important piece of information, no judge is going to give this a second look.


  1. The officer forgot to have you sign your ticket on the scene.

Yes, this is very similar to number two, but it is a defense tried so often that it deserves its own spot. That speeding ticket is not a binding agreement or some kind of contract; it’s just a ticket. The only reason you are even asked to sign one is to prove that you know you are charged with breaking a traffic law and better show up in court when you are supposed to.


  1. If the officer doesn’t show up on the court date, you are free to go.

Maybe, maybe not. But more often it’s “not,” so that makes it myth-worthy and a pretty risky defense. It’s true that some judges are sticklers for procedures and such, but most will try the case regardless. Even if you aren’t tried on your court date, most judges will reschedule for the officer just like they do for offenders.


  1. If you get a speeding ticket in another state, North Carolina will never know so THERE!

Just because you weren’t in your home state when you dropped the hammer, doesn’t mean you are above the law. Did you forget about the DLC? That’s the Interstate Driver’s License Compact, an agreement that member states have regarding traffic violations for drivers licensed out-of-state. While you may get your ticket in one of the five or so states that aren’t members, is that really a defense you want to count on?


If you want to know what those five states are, or you need one of the best traffic attorneys in Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll need to call The Law Offices of Jason Reece!