Why Does Charlotte Have So Many Bad Drivers and Traffic Accidents?

Just like any other big city, Charlotte, North Carolina has its share of bad drivers and traffic accidents. But as it turns out, we have more than our share! A recent study lists Charlotte as the 14th most dangerous city for bad drivers, from traffic violations like speeding to more serious infractions, like DWI and

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Traffic School: Why Your Traffic Ticket Attorney Wants You Back in School

In North Carolina, there are two reasons you may have to go to the Driver Improvement Clinic, the state’s driving school. There are plenty of options in and around the Charlotte area to find an accredited vendor.   You’ve accumulated 7 or more points on your driving record, and the DMV has required it. This

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Charged With Underage Drinking in North Carolina? You Need an Experienced Traffic Attorney

It’s a part of growing up. Teenage drinking can be a normal part of testing the boundaries or just curiosity, but in North Carolina, the stakes can be higher than you may think. Especially in metro areas like Charlotte, teen drinking is all too prevalent, and the penalties are harsh.   With the “zero tolerance”

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DIY Traffic Ticket Defense Tips From An Experienced Traffic Attorney

Did you get a speeding ticket or some other traffic ticket in Charlotte? In most cases, it’s best to hire a traffic ticket lawyer, but you may be able to handle it yourself. Before you decide to be your own traffic lawyer, you need to be aware of a few things.   North Carolina traffic

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Why You Need a Drug Charge Defense Attorney

Are you being charged with drug possession in Charlotte? Then you need a good drug charge defense attorney. In North Carolina, a drug charge conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. From lost job opportunities to jail time, being prosecuted for possession of drugs can have a big impact on your future.

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Drunk Driving Charges: Can You Afford a DWI in North Carolina?

So it’s Saturday night and you’ve had a little too much to drink, but it’s time to go home. Are you going to risk paying thousands of dollars and losing your license by getting behind the wheel and getting DUI charges? Or are you going to call an Uber or Lyft and pay about $35?

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Why You Need to Hire a Traffic Attorney for Your Charlotte, NC Traffic Ticket

  If you get a ticket for a traffic violation in Charlotte, NC, you have a decision to make before you go to court. Do you represent yourself or hire an attorney? Whether it’s a speeding ticket, reckless driving ticket, or some other traffic ticket, there are some pretty compelling reasons to hire an attorney.

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The Real Cost of Representing Yourself in Court for a Traffic Violation

Whether it’s a speeding ticket or an open container violation, the true costs of handling your case yourself aren’t limited to just court costs and fines. While those costs may seem manageable to most people, it’s often the on-going costs that really hurt your wallet. It’s a risky move to represent yourself, and the costs

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Even If Your North Carolina License Has Been Permanently Revoked, There’s Still Hope

If you have had your license revoked in North Carolina permanently and you think the situation is hopeless, an experienced traffic attorney can help. First, permanent in North Carolina isn’t usually as permanent as it may sound. Most of the time it usually means waiting three years for a hearing to restore your license. But

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What You Need to Know If You Get a DWI in Charlotte, NC

Getting a DWI, or DUI as it’s sometimes called, in North Carolina is a pretty serious deal. You could very well lose your license, and the fines and fees can be pretty high. Add on the increased insurance premiums and the costs of a DWI class, and you could be looking at thousands of dollars

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