What to Expect from Charlotte Traffic School

Maybe you’re here because of your first traffic ticket, or perhaps the points have been adding up on your driver’s license for some time. It’s possible that the courts have ordered you to attend. If so, there are a few things you should know. By taking a traffic safety course, you can:

How to Deal with Charlotte Traffic Tickets

If you have driven a car for any length of time, you’ve seen the red and blue lights in your rear view mirror. The police officer walks up to let you know what you did wrong. Perhaps you were lucky enough to just receive a warning. But chances are you got a traffic ticket.

What You Need to Know About Assault in NC

Just last month, a Charlotte, NC, man attacked three women as they evacuated the Westin Hotel because of an early morning fire alarm. The women thought they were fleeing to safety, but the 23-year-old man had other ideas. The attacks shocked the community because they appeared to be a random act of violence. This man […]

What are the Penalties for Under Aged Drinking in NC?

Everyone else was drinking. And you’d always wanted to try it. Frankly, these opportunities don’t come around often, so you took your chance to toss a few back. You knew under age drinking was against the law, but thought, “Why not?” So you explored your curiosity and gave in to peer pressure.

Difference Between Misdemeanor Larceny vs. Felony Larceny

A criminal charge of misdemeanor or felony larceny is nothing to take lightly. Being labeled a dishonest person or a thief comes with real consequences. And jail time and other punishments are just the beginning. A conviction can affect your ability to find employment in the future and also ruin your reputation.

Can Domestic Violence Charges be Dropped?

Things got heated quickly. You and your partner were arguing, saying and doing things you’d never thought you’d do. And granted, you both could have handled the situation better, and you wish you could take things back. But now what’s done is done.

How to Fight a NC Reckless Driving Ticket?

The day you got your reckless driving ticket probably began like any other day. You got in your car and focused all your attention on getting to your next destination on time.

How Much Will a NC DWI Cost Me in Fines?

If you or someone you care about has been charged with DUI, then you know a conviction for driving under the influence in Charlotte can bring with it a whole host of problems.

CMPD Starts Task Force to Target DWI

Despite the severe penalties imposed on anyone caught driving while impaired (DWI) in North Carolina, the Charlotte area still sees its fair share of intoxicated drivers. Whether you’re the cited driver, an innocent victim, or a family member who’s lost a loved one, DWI takes a devastating toll on everyone involved. Police officers and professional […]

What You Should Know About the NC Arrest Process

There aren’t many experiences in life more intimidating than getting arrested. If you’re ever arrested in or around Charlotte, the most important thing you can do to protect your rights is to contact a Charlotte criminal defense attorney immediately. In the meantime, your advocates at the Law Office of Jason Reece hope that learning a […]

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