Dangerous Intersections 2

The 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Charlotte: Part Two


Did you know that fifty percent of serious auto accidents and twenty percent of fatal collisions happen at intersections? Many of these wrecks are caused by distracted drivers, and a large number of DWI and speeding tickets issued in Charlotte indicate an even increased risk. Those are some sobering statistics, and with particularly dangerous intersections, the percentages are even higher.


Today’s post is part two on the most dangerous intersections in Charlotte. Our last post listed the top five and some of the reasons they are so dangerous. In this post, we offer you some driving tips to stay safe.


First, a quick rundown of the top five:


  1. Harrisburg Road and Cambridge Commons Drive
  2. East 4th Street and Kings Drive
  3. 9th Street at North College
  4. 8th Street at North College
  5. Interstate 277, 77 and 85


As we noted in our first post, most of the auto accidents at intersections involve left turns, rear-end collisions, and other issues caused by distracted drivers. So how do you protect yourself and minimize the risk of being in a car wreck?



Intersection Offense


  • You can’t always determine what another motorist is going to do, but there are things you can do behind the wheel to stay out of harm’s way.


  • Keep your eyes on the road. You’ve heard this over and over since driver’s ed. class and for a good reason. It only takes a split-second for everything to change for the worse.


  • Take your time. When drivers are in a hurry, they tend to make risky decisions. If that car behind you is riding your bumper, let him pass and get the speeding ticket. Take some of the risks out of your commute by leaving earlier and slowing down.


  • Put your cell phone away. We know, that’s a tough one. But most of us are aware of the danger of texting, talking, or looking up directions on our smartphone while we are driving. Also, texting while driving in Charlotte will get you a ticket just like other traffic violations.



Intersection Defense


  • Just because you are a safe and cautious driver doesn’t mean all those other drivers that are moving through intersections are just as cautious. Part of being a good driver is taking a defensive stance against the unpredictable.


  • Remember, drivers in a hurry are more likely to take risks. Be alert for those drivers who “just know” they can make that light before it turns red.


  • Be predictable. Understand that the drivers behind you are anticipating what you are going to do next and making decisions based on that. Use your turn signals, don’t try to “beat” oncoming traffic or traffic lights, and don’t make any sudden moves!


  • Understand that yield signs are often open to interpretation. While one driver may see “Yield” as a caution sign, others see it as gamble between stopping and going. Most drivers can agree on what “Stop” means, but it’s best to keep an eye out for “misinterpretation.”


We hope that knowing about these dangerous intersections and some ways to protect yourself will help you stay safe on the road. As always, if you get a speeding ticket, DUI, or any other traffic citation, the traffic attorneys at the Jason Reece Law Firm are right here in Charlotte if you need us.