DWI Countdown: 30 Minutes Can Mean the Difference Between a DWI Conviction or a Dismissal

There are some great events slated for February 2018 in Charlotte, North Carolina for just about every taste. Whether it’s checking out the Hornets at an NBA game or heading to a concert to see George Clinton or Kid Rock, most of us are going to have a drink (or two). While we all know that driving and drinking just don’t mix, it’s inevitable that some of us will end up having to take a breathalyzer. Knowing your rights, and consulting a reputable DWI lawyer, will give you the best chance to minimize the damage.


Did you know that you have a 30-minute window for delaying that breathalyzer and maybe changing the outcome of the charges? You won’t need a lawyer for this one, just a witness. In North Carolina, when you are suspected of drinking and driving, you will most likely be asked to take a breathalyzer test. By law, N.C.G.S.A. ยง20-16.2 (a)(6)(2011), you have the right to request a witness. But remember, you have 30 minutes to get them there.


The timer begins as soon as you make your first phone call, so your best bet is to think of a witness that will most likely answer your call. Just keep in mind the clock is ticking, and the officer will start breathalyzer in 30 minutes on the dot. Your right to a witness means they can observe the setup of the breathalyzer machine and the test itself. If they get there in time, your witness can watch the calibration, and make sure that the two tests are given within five minutes, and the results are within

.02 of each other.


The witness may be questioned in court about your behavior and speech, so make sure you and your witness talk and interact as much as possible. In the end, if the court finds that your 30-minute window was denied, the test was conducted improperly, or some other compelling information, the test results could be excluded. Taking advantage of this little-known law and contacting a good DUI attorney like the experienced lawyers at the Jason Reece law firm could make all the difference.