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A Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer That Guides You Through the Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system is not perfect. Good people often get caught up in it, either because of mistakes or minor offenses. The penalties on the line can be severe and potentially life-changing. Going through the system and trying to avoid or minimize those penalties can be traumatic and intimidating. You do not have to go it alone. That’s why you need a great Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer.

If you or someone you care about has gotten caught up in the criminal justice system, the Law Office of Jason H. Reece can help. We will stand by your side, protecting your constitutional rights and civil liberties.

Get the Experienced Representation You Deserve

Imagine being charged with DWI, a traffic violation or a criminal offense of some type and meeting with an experienced Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer about defending against the charge. Imagine feeling confident that you have someone on your side who knows how to defend you. Imagine learning a few weeks later that the lawyer you met with is not the lawyer defending you, that you have been passed off to the newest lawyer in the office, a kid fresh out of law school. How would you feel? Unfortunately, this is a fairly common practice. Not at our law firm.

When you come to our law firm, you will meet with Jason H. Reece, an attorney who has been practicing criminal defense since 1995. Your case will remain in his hands through all stages, so you can be confident at all times that you are getting the experienced representation you deserve.

You Should Be Able to Communicate With Your Attorney

We know how important communication is. You will find that we are proactive about keeping you informed about the status of your case and the next steps that will be taken. Furthermore, we are easily accessible by phone or e-mail, so you can get in touch with us whenever you have questions or concerns about your case.

Contact a Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our representation is available to residents of the Charlotte area, as well as people who were charged with crimes while visiting the area. We offer reasonable fees. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted.

Contact us for a free initial consultation with a Charlotte Criminal Defense Lawyer.

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