Are you under 21 and facing charges of provisional driving while intoxicated (provisional DWI)? Are you the parent of a minor who has been charged with drunk driving in Charlotte, NC?

It is important to know that underage drunk driving charges are handled differently than adult drunk driving charges, particularly in terms of sentencing. The most prominent difference is that an underage DWI conviction will result in a much more serious driver's license suspension, and there will be no opportunity to obtain limited driving privileges. If you plead guilty or you are found guilty, you will lose your license for at least a year. At the Law Office of Jason H. Reece, our Charlotte, NC underage DWI defense attorney has been protecting people's rights since 1995. We can put our focus and our experience to work for you.

Two Paths to a Conviction in Underage Drunk Driving Cases

Under North Carolina DWI laws, there are two paths to an underage drunk driving conviction:

  • A blood alcohol level (BAC level) of .08 or higher can result in a conviction. Minors can also be found guilty of a provisional DWI even if they blow as low as a .01.
  • Appreciable impairment: No chemical test is required for this type of conviction, which is based on failed field sobriety tests, appearance of intoxication, driving pattern or other conditions that indicate alcohol impairment.

We will fight to prevent both types of convictions, using time-tested DWI defense strategies that have proven successful in cases involving both adults and minors.

In addition to defending against underage drunk driving charges, we can also defend against the underage drinking charges that are often paired with drunk driving charges.

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