"One of the best attorneys out there! Customer service 10/10, professionalism 10/10, ability to get the best situation for you 10/10. Between Carols ability to get you the information in a very prompt and efficient manner, to Jasons ability to get the best outcome. I highly recommend him to all who are in need of a great lawyer and a firm that genuinely cares to help their clients."

Jace J.

"I want to thank you for all your efforts on my DWI case. You were available, extremely helpful & guided me through the process with clear explanations of what I needed to do. I'm sure you can appreciate that I don't want to be a repeat client! I will be sure to recommend your firm if needed. When Mr.Reece looked at me in the court room and said "you can go ", I was like " I can go ? " he said "yes it was dismissed !!!!" and we smiled at each other and I hugged and thanked him for helping me through this I greatly appreciate it. Also ms.carol is amazing I just wanted to say thank you so much also for your help and guidance as well anytime I needed answers to a problem she was there ! Thanks so much"

Chyna B.

"I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend Jason Reese over ALL lawyers in NC hands down, probably the world!!!! He is great at what he does and his staff is incredibly nice and they all are very understanding people. He will work with you on payment also. By far the best lawyer I've ever had. I promise if you use Jason Reese as your lawyer you will be beyond satisfied!!!"

Griffin M.

"I actually contacted Jason Reece to be a primary source on the research paper I was doing for school. He is a very smart and reliable source and extremely knowledgeable on the topics of criminal law and justice. I would highly recommend Jason Reece."

Lauren B

"Best Criminal Defense Lawyer In Charlotte!! Has saved me in a number of cases and is dependable and knowledgeable and has a firm paralegal team at his back"

Grey H.


Jason has been my lawyer since 2012. He's helped me out with some serious charges.Jason recently, got all of my charges dropped for me, so I can continue on about my life and career for my family! He's gotten me out of serious trouble twice. I do not know where I would be without Jason and his awesome services. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND JASON REECE. ?"

Douglas M.

"I had the misfortune of receiving a DUI in Charlotte but was lucky enough to have gotten in touch with Jason to help me with my case. This was my first time dealing with any legal matter and I could not have gotten a better lawyer. Jason Reece and his paralegal Carol were amazing through the entire process. I really cannot express how much I would recommend Jason. This is one case where I did not get what I paid for, because he charged less than others and still provided exceptional service. In the end, my case was dismissed and I could not be happier."

Sean W.

"Hands down best lawyer and staff in Charlotte!!! Very professional all around!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!!! If you don't hire Jason then your making another mistake!!!"

Griffy M.

"I had the best and most assuring and comforting experience with Carol S. and Jason Reece. I was not optimistic about my case. I thought the odds were against me. I was concerned and worried for months about my case. But, this wonderful team and great reviews, made me want to work with Mr. Reece and his firm. Through this process, Carol offered her great personal service and empathy. I was aware what was going on througout the whole process. After meeting Jason today, he was very professional and welcoming. He offered me the great news, which has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders!!! I will be sure to recommend Jason an his firm to anyone. I wish this team the best success!!"

Charles H.

"Jason is the best lawyer in Charlotte. He is worth every penny. He doesn't charge much either. He was able to help get my fiancé out of the craziest situations . Everything he say he will do he does. His master paralegal Ashley is a tremendous help as well. Thanks for everything."

Tiffany R.

"Charlotte's BEST DWI Lawyer. Mr. Jason Reece got my DWI case dismissed!!! I almost lost hope on my case, however the attorney handled it well and got my case dismissed. I am planning to work with him again for my arrest record expungement. I would definitely recommend Mr.Jason Reece to any one with DWI case."

Johnwin A.

"I can't say enough wonderful things about Mr. Reece. He is the best criminal defense attorney in Charlotte and I would have to say in all of North Carolina. His prices are reasonable and he knows his stuff, you dont have to worry about anything when you have him on your side."

Teresa R.

"Jason Reese is the best Lawyer in Charlotte for criminal prosecution by far. I had a breaking and entering and got into a first offenders program thanks to him. Later in life I got a DUI and he got that dismissed too, I would not have the job opportunities I have today if it wasn't for this amazing man. He and his staff are kind and caring. He has a lot of experience and a good rapport with the Judges and DA. I would never trust another lawyer to do as good a job as he does."

Tyler S.

"Jason definitely is the best in the Charlotte area. Prior to retirement, I practiced law in the IP litigation field for almost 30 years. On that basis, I dealt with many different lawyers. Jason ranks right at the top. More specifically, Jason quickly responded to my request that he represent my son with respect to his traffic ticket. Jason assured me that he could resolve the ticket in a favorable manner and at a most reasonable price. He totally lived up to his promises. I strongly recommend him."

Robert A.

"I was very satisfied with the result. I'm glad I chose The Reece Office to handle my traffic violation. Tiffany was very responsive and the process was handled extremely efficiently."

Fred M

"Jason Reece and his staff are phenomenal! He gets the best results he possibly can for his clients. I couldn't be happier with Jason getting my traffic violation dismissed ! I would recommend him to anyone who wants good results and a lawyer that will seek the best for his client! Truly a blessing to me! His cost for representation is also affordable and well worth it!"

Tariqa H.

"After I received a speeding ticket I was bombarded by letters from several attorneys offering to represent me in court. After weeding out a few, I started calling and spoke to Tiffany White, Staff Paralegal at the Law Office of Jason Reece. Tiffany listened attentively to my case and provided me the necessary feedback about Mr Reece's expertise in the area of traffic violations that made me feel completely comfortable in letting Mr Reece handle my case. I filled out the necessary paperwork and hired Mr Reece on the spot. My trust was not misplaced as I was informed yesterday that Mr Reece resolved my case to my complete satisfaction and totally in line with Tiffany's prediction at the outset. In today's society it is refreshing to know that Jason Reece and his staff are experts in their trade and committed to deliver on the promises made."

Dominic F.

"Jason Reece is hands down the best defense attorney in Charlotte. Jason fought and won both DUI's for me in 2013. The odds were against me but he shredded the DA's case on both. The first one was a dismissal and the second one a Not Guilty verdict. Jason is on point and I highly recommend him to anyone in need."

Robert R.

"Very happy with Jason Reece's work on my traffic case. He was able to get my speeding ticket completely dismissed and I could not be happier. Very reasonable rate. I didn't even have to leave my job to complete the paperwork or to appear in court, he took care of everything!! I can't say enough about the professionalism and convenience - will definitely use him again and HIGHLY recommend."

Melissa A.

"Great experience! Got the results I wanted. I received a speeding ticket for the second time, the first time 23 over, the 2nd time 18 over. The first ticket I hired no lawyer and paid the full expense. When I got my 2nd ticket I knew I should get a lawyer and I did with Jason Reese. My ticket was reduced to improper equipment and I received no points on my license or insurance. I was very happy with my experience with this law firm and I will be using them more in the future."

Jamie P.