Criminal Defense FAQs for Charlotte, North Carolina

How much does a Charlotte criminal defense attorney cost?

In Charlotte and across North Carolina, the average hourly rate for an attorney is between $65 and $362 per hour. That's a broad range, but any reputable attorney will discuss fees upfront. Lawyers in North Carolina must follow the Rules of Professional Conduct, some of which regard fee arrangements, types of fees, and how fees are collected.

Is a Charlotte lawyer and a criminal defense lawyer the same?

North Carolina lawyers typically handle a full range of legal issues and litigation for individuals and organizations. A Charlotte criminal defense attorney has specialized knowledge and experience with state and federal laws, case law, constitutional law, and other relevant areas. That expertise makes a criminal defense lawyer uniquely qualified to protect your rights when charged with a crime.

Should I hire an attorney for drug charges in Charlotte?

Even with the recent changes in marijuana laws that decriminalize small amounts, there are circumstances where a charge can quickly escalate. Paying a fine for a joint is one thing, but when you end up with a permanent record for drug possession, it can change your life. So, yes. Hire an experienced drug attorney.

How do I know if I've found the right attorney for criminal law in Charlotte?

The best Charlotte criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience, working relationships with key judicial figures, and a proven record supported by client reviews. The right attorney for you should have those qualities and be able to communicate their process in a simple, easy-to-understand way.

Can I tell my lawyer anything?

The more relevant information you can provide for your Charlotte criminal defense attorney, the better they can protect you. Regardless of the relevancy, anything you tell your attorney is protected by federal law under a client-attorney privilege clause and is private.

What kind of cases does a Charlotte criminal defense attorney handle?

A criminal defense attorney handles cases involving drug possession and distribution, property crimes like felony larceny, sex offenses, violent offenses, and other crimes. While some criminal charges are misdemeanors, they can still affect your life negatively if you're convicted. For felony drug charges in Charlotte, there simply is no substitute for an experienced criminal defense lawyer.

What can a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte do for me?

According to the American Bar Association, a criminal defense attorney's responsibilities are to be your advocate and defend your rights. This simple description of the highly-specialized skillset required to navigate the judicial system is absolutely correct—a criminal defense attorney can protect you and ensure you get a fair process.

What do criminal defense lawyers use to defend me?

Aside from the information you provide regarding the charges, an experienced Charlotte criminal defense attorney relies on proven methods and critical evidence to defend you. Statements from witnesses, photographs, video, DNA, fingerprints, and digital evidence from computers, phones, and even ATMs are all essential ingredients for a strong defense.

Can a Charlotte criminal defense attorney represent me in a federal case?

By nature, a criminal defense lawyer is a trial lawyer and is well-versed in state and federal criminal law, making them ideal for defending you in a federal court. The FBI, DEA, ATF, and IRS are but some of the many federal agencies that bring charges against civilians. While these are powerful organizations, they are no match for a seasoned criminal defense attorney and the law.

What is a plea bargain?

Most criminal cases end in plea bargains, an arrangement where you plead guilty to lesser charges for a potentially reduced sentence. Plea bargains are popular with the courts because they reduce the number of cases going to trial. While an ethical and experienced Charlotte criminal defense attorney will advise a plea deal if it's in your best interest, you can rely on them to put fairness above efficiency.