The Real Cost of Representing Yourself in Court for a Traffic Violation

Whether it’s a speeding ticket or an open container violation, the true costs of handling your case yourself aren’t limited to just court costs and fines. While those costs may seem manageable to most people, it’s often the on-going costs that really hurt your wallet. It’s a risky move to represent yourself, and the costs are often just the beginning. Before you simply just pay the ticket and move on, there are a lot of things to consider. Here’s a rundown of the minimum costs for some common violations:


  • Speeding, under 80 mph but over a 55 mph limit: $10 + $180 for 0-5 mph over and increasing fees for speeding more than five mph over the limit
  • Speeding in a work or school zone: $250 + court fees
  • Failure to slow down to avoid an impending accident: $238 + court fees


Keep in mind that these are the minimum expenses if you are found guilty. There is a good chance that your insurance premiums will increase, sometimes for years. Depending on the current state of your driving record, you could even lose your license or find yourself paying additional fees and fines.

Even if you get away with minimal costs, a guilty verdict will affect your insurance costs and your driving record, putting you at greater risk if you get another violation.


Whether you get a simple moving violation or something more serious, an experienced traffic attorney can almost always minimize fines and fees. They have a much greater chance of limiting the impact on your driving record and can very often save you a lot of expenses from insurance to court costs. Don’t leave your financial burden, or even your ability to drive, to chance. Hire an experienced attorney and let them minimize the damage or even get the violation dismissed. Your driving record and your wallet will thank you.


Limit your risk and get a professional to represent you to keep those costs down. If you are in the Charlotte, NC area you are in luck. Charlotte attorney Jason Reece is ready to help not only with traffic tickets, but with criminal defense, drug possession, larceny defense, or any other legal needs.