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Why Does North Carolina Have Such Severe Drug Laws?

In the United States, the news is filled with stories about states debating the decriminalization of some drugs, while others are cracking down. North Carolina is one of those states that is putting the pressure on drug users and suppliers. If you are charged with possession of drugs in North Carolina, you can bet the

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Why You Need a Drug Charge Defense Attorney

Are you being charged with drug possession in Charlotte? Then you need a good drug charge defense attorney. In North Carolina, a drug charge conviction can affect you for the rest of your life. From lost job opportunities to jail time, being prosecuted for possession of drugs can have a big impact on your future.

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If You Are Facing Drug Charges You Need an Attorney

In Charlotte or any other city in North Carolina, an arrest for a drug offense will almost certainly mean jail time and some hefty fines. North Carolina takes drug offenses very seriously and enforces several different levels of drug charges. Defending a drug charge is a complex issue that should only be handled by a

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