Are You Really More Likely to Get a Speeding Ticket in a Red Car?


So you’re cruising around Charlotte on a Saturday night in your almost-brand-new Candy Apple Red Corvette. The streets aren’t too crowded so you give it the gas and pick up speed. Then you see it. Blue lights in the rearview. Ten minutes later you have a speeding ticket and the night is ruined. Was it just bad luck or was it because your car was red?


It’s a common belief that red cars get more speeding tickets, but it turns out that it’s a myth. While red cars do get their share of traffic tickets, the number one spot actually goes to white cars! According to a study featured on the National Motorists Association website, red cars come in second, followed by gray and silver.


So the color does matter, after all, and so does the model of car you drive when it comes to getting pulled over. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, what you drive makes a difference. Here are the top ten models you may want to avoid!


  1. Hummer
  2. Scion tC
  3. Scion xB
  4. Mercedes CLK63 AMG
  5. Toyota Solara
  6. Mercedes CLS AMG
  7. Scion Xa
  8. Subaru Outback
  9. Toyota Matrix
  10. Ford Focus (just kidding, it’s really the Audi A4)


Bonus: We don’t know why you would, but if you absolutely, positively must get a speeding ticket, then the two-door Mercedes-Benz SL-Class convertible is the car for you. These luxury rides are four times more likely to get a speeding ticket than any other car.


Regardless of what you drive, or what color it is, you may find yourself getting pulled over and getting a traffic ticket. If it happens, don’t worry. The Jason Reece Law Firm has successfully defended drivers of just about every model and color vehicle out there, and we’re only a phone call away.