Assault Charges Criminal Defense in Charlotte, NC

In North Carolina, the offense of Assault and Battery is the unlawful touching of another with the intent of causing them harm. In some cases, an actual physical touching need not occur. Assault cases are serious matters in which a Charlotte Assault Charges Attorney should be consulted. Assaults that occur within a relationship are considered Domestic Assaults (please see Domestic Violence subpage). These convictions can result in probation or even jail time. In addition, an assault conviction on your record can carry detrimental long term consequences. The Law Office of Jason Reece can help make sure that all of your rights are protected throughout this process.

Jason Reece has over 25+ years of experience in Mecklenburg County handling all criminal matters, especially as a Charlotte Assault Attorney.
•· He has successfully represented thousands of individuals in Mecklenburg County charged with Assault and Battery. He does possess the requisite knowledge and familiarity with the courtroom to provide you with the best representation possible.
•· He is an energetic attorney whoaggressively defends his clients. The utmost attention will be paid to every detail of your case and all possible legal defenses will be explored.
•· There is no charge for the consultation during which he will evaluate and analyze your case.

If you are charged with assault, please call the Law Office of Jason Reece today to ensure that you will be aggressively represented and that all of your rights will be protected.

Skilled Criminal Defense in Charlotte

Charlotte assault attorney Jason Reece is committed to representing his clients and ensuring that their rights are protected. He will advise you of all the possible defenses that you may have and possible outcomes in your case. In addition, he will guide you through the sometimes complex criminal justice system so that you will understand the process every step of the way. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a Charlotte Assault Attorney.