Being charged with a violation of North Carolina open container laws is a serious offense. Whether you were driving with an open container of alcohol in your vehicle or in the street where open containers are not allowed, the consequences can negatively impact your future. At the Law Office of Jason H. Reece, our attorney has been assisting criminal defense clients since 1995, and we have the proven skills to fight to protect your rights as well.

Open container charges can be complicated. If you have questions regarding your violations, do not hesitate to contact our criminal defense law firm. We are very familiar with the court rules in Mecklenburg County and will fight for you at every corner.

Working to Build a Strong Defense

There are two main types of open container violations in the state of North Carolina. One occurs if you are stopped with an open container of alcohol in your car, the other involves being in the street while possessing it. If you are facing charges for driving with open beer or other bottles of alcohol, you could face fines, increased insurance rates and DMV points toward your license. If you have been drinking, you may also face DWI charges. No matter what criminal charges you are facing, our Mecklenburg County criminal defense lawyer will build a solid case to defend them.

We also have experience fighting the consequence of open container charges when you are not in your car. Our Charlotte attorney has helped clients to minimize the consequences involved with these charges, such as fines and court costs. We also help you to keep your criminal record clean.

Fighting to Get You the Best Possible Results

Whether you are an adult that needs to fight criminal charges or have a child who has been charged with an open container violation, we have the skills required to ensure our clients' rights are protected. We strive to achieve your goals and have your charges eliminated completely. If this is not possible, we work with you to have your consequences minimized. We are familiar with the many steps and classes you can take to lower your punishments and protect your future.

Charged With an Open Container of Alcohol in Your Car? Contact Our Charlotte Attorney.

Our Charlotte law firm provides competent criminal defense representation to residents of North Carolina as well as visitors from out of town who have been charged with a crime while visiting the state. Contact our attorneys to learn more about North Carolina open container laws and for a free initial consultation.