Reckless Driving Defense Attorney: Charlotte, NC

Reckless driving charges are not minor issues. They should not be treated the same as any other traffic ticket. These serious offenses carry consequences that could not only include driver's license suspension and insurance increases, but even jail time in certain situations. North Carolina takes these charges very seriously, so you should too.

At the Law Office of Jason H. Reece, we take reckless driving charges seriously. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, we know how to fight these charges. We do everything we can to help you minimize or avoid the consequences of these serious charges.

You Cannot Just Pay Off a Reckless Driving Ticket

The severity of reckless driving charges means that you cannot just send in payment for your fine and be done with it. You either have to appear in person at court or have an attorney appear on your behalf. We are here to guide you through the often complex world of the court system and the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. You can count on us to either stand by your side or appear on your behalf, defending you against reckless driving charges.

You have the right to know exactly what consequences you could be faced with, and we will take the time to educate you. We have been handling these matters in Mecklenburg County for many years, so we know exactly how they are handled in the courtroom. We know the worst case scenario and we know the best case scenario. We know the opportunities available, and we know how to use them in pursuit of the best case scenario for you.

Contact a North Carolina Moving Violation Lawyer

Our representation is available to residents of the Charlotte area, as well as people who were charged while visiting the area. We offer reasonable fees. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. Contact us for a free initial consultation with a Charlotte reckless driving attorney.