Speeding Tickets in Charlotte, NC

Fight Your Ticket with a Speeding Ticket Attorney in Charlotte

Speeding tickets can carry serious consequences. From driver's license suspensions to increased insurance rates and fines, a ticket can cost you more than you thought. A skilled Charlotte, NC Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer can help you fight these consequences at every turn.

At the Law Office of Jason H. Reece, we can help you fight traffic tickets. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, we know the steps that can be taken to minimize or avoid the consequences that come along with speeding tickets and other traffic violations. Contact our Charlotte, North Carolina law firm to learn more about building a solid defense to your traffic tickets.

Don't Overpay for a Speeding Ticket in Charlotte, NC

If you are charged with going more than 16 miles per hour (mph) over the posted speed limit, and the speed limit is 55 mph or higher, you cannot just pay the ticket off. You either have to appear in person at court or have a Charlotte speeding ticket lawyer appear on your behalf. Do not pay your speeding ticket off because it enters you into a guilty plea.

Our Charlotte Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer is here to guide you through the often complex world of the court system and the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles. We will be happy to either stand by your side or appear on your behalf, defending you against your speeding citation and all other traffic violations you may have.

Depending on the speed your car was traveling, your driver's license could be suspended. Of course, suspension can also result from repeat offenses and other factors.

We will take the time to educate you about your charges. More importantly, we will tell you about your options. Our Charlotte, NC Speeding Ticket Defense Lawyer will explain what he can do to get through this with minimal impact to your driving privileges and insurance rates.

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Our Charlotte, North Carolina attorneys provide assistance to residents of the state as well as people who were charged while visiting the area and accused of driving at excessive speeds. We offer reasonable fees. Payment plans are available and credit cards are accepted. Contact our speeding ticket law firm for a free initial consultation with a Charlotte traffic violations attorney.