A North Carolina DWI Can Be a Life Changer

DWI/DUI charges can be costly both financially and personally. If you live in Charlotte, North Carolina and you have a few beers at the NCAA tournament or the annual St. Patrick's Day festival, you shouldn't drive. If you do drink and drive, you could be pulled over and risk traffic charges that could affect your wallet, your job, and your lifestyle. Worse, you would be endangering your life and the lives of others.

But getting pulled over for drinking and driving doesn't have to be the end of the world IF you know your rights and consult an experienced DUI lawyer. Like most states, North Carolina requires that a law enforcement officer must have “reasonable suspicion” to pull you over in the first place. There must also be “probable cause” for an arrest to be made for impaired driving, like a breathalyzer or other tests.

These, and other factors can be complicated, open to interpretation, or otherwise unclear to most of us but the more you know about your rights, the better. From what made the officer pull you over to how the tests are administered, there are a lot of protocols that must be followed, and a reputable traffic attorney will be able to analyze the entire process to find the best defense.

Even if an officer is knowledgeable about all the statutes regarding traffic laws, impaired driving, etc., there are a lot of grey areas. Grey areas that even the most seasoned officer may not interpret correctly. A reputable DWI lawyer has the experience and know-how to understand the traffic laws and their intent. That means an attorney who knows how to take advantage of any loopholes, improper procedures, and more to mount the best defense for you. So if you find yourself pulled over and you've been drinking, remember your rights and remember Jason Reece. Give us a call or fill out this quick form to get help.