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Record Expunctions Can Turn Back Time!

Did you know that even if your traffic ticket case or underage alcohol possession charge is dismissed, the charges still show up on your permanent record? That's right. Even if you were 100% innocent and not convicted, anyone can see what...

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Does Your DUI Lawyer Offer Know About Affirmative Defense?

The consequences of drinking and driving in North Carolina can have a big impact on your life now and for years to come. Lawyers in Charlotte, NC are all too familiar with the long list of consequences for a DWI conviction, from hefty fines to revoked...

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What are the Penalties for Under Aged Drinking in NC?

Everyone else was drinking. And you'd always wanted to try it. Frankly, these opportunities don’t come around often, so you took your chance to toss a few back. You knew under age drinking was against the law, but thought, "Why...

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