Why Does North Carolina Have Such Severe Drug Laws?

In the United States, the news is filled with stories about states debating the decriminalization of some drugs, while others are cracking down. North Carolina is one of those states that is putting the pressure on drug users and suppliers. If you are charged with possession of drugs in North Carolina, you can bet the penalties will be severe. Get charged with intent to sell or “drugged driving,” and the situation only gets worse.   Drug Charges in North Carolina: Behind the Scenes The drug crackdown in North Carolina is no secret. Across the state, county-based operations are in effect to stop drugs. These anti-drug programs aren't just designed to punish drug users; they most often have a focus on drug dealers in their communities. Law enforcement behind these operations understands that drug users and others possessing drugs are a direct link to drug suppliers. Arresting these drug pushers is the ultimate goal, and their customers are going to pave the way.   It doesn't matter if you smoke a little pot now and then or you are an opioid addict, if you get caught with drugs, you are going to have to answer for it. Literally. When someone is arrested for drug use or possession, law enforcement will often offer a lighter sentence for information about your source. These “deals” seem pretty enticing, especially in a stressful situation like a drug arrest. But taking one of these deals without consulting an experienced drug charge attorney can be a big mistake. Here's why:  

  1. You don't even know if the charges against you are substantial enough for a conviction
  2. There are often “technicalities” that can reduce or even eliminate the charges against you
  3. You could very well say something that further incriminates you, weakening your defense
  4. There is no guarantee that law enforcement will keep their end of the deal

  It can be very stressful and scary to be arrested, cuffed, and then interrogated. But the best thing anyone can do in this type of situation is to keep their mouth shut until they get a good lawyer. Drug charges can ruin your life if you don't have a good defense and the Jason Reece Law Firm is one of the best in Charlotte, if not North Carolina. Don't take the risk. If you are charged with drug possession, drug use, drugged driving, or any other traffic offense, just give us a call and let us take care of your case.