5 Times You Simply Must Have a Criminal Defense Attorney

When you get in serious legal trouble, whether it's the first time or the third (especially if it's the third!), you should always have a criminal lawyer handle your case. But there are some situations where you must have a criminal defense attorney on your side if you want to avoid possibly life-changing consequences. And for the best possible outcome, you want to hire the best criminal lawyer you can find. Here are five instances where you're going to need a Charlotte criminal defense attorney to represent you:

  1. A DUI/DWI

A drunk driving conviction can change your life in an instant. Aside from fines and jail time, you could also lose your license, forfeit your car and see unbelievable increases in your insurance premiums. Some estimates say that the average DUI costs over $10,000! That's a heck of a lot more than you'd pay even the most expensive lawyers in Charlotte. There are so many ways an experienced criminal defense lawyer can challenge your DUI that it only makes sense to let them use all that skill and knowledge to save you a lot of heartaches.

  1. A Felony

Felony charges carry the most serious consequences, so you don’t want to take any chances by trying to represent yourself. You're going to need a pro. What may seem like a relatively minor felony can quickly escalate as the facts unfold and a criminal defense attorney knows just how to keep things under control. With the right criminal lawyer, you could see your charges reduced or even dismissed. Without a criminal lawyer, you could wind up broke, unemployed and in jail. We'll let you think that one over while you keep reading.

  1. Your Driver’s License Is in Danger

You might not think that your speeding ticket isn't that big of a deal, but if you have previous offenses or other mitigating factors, that minor traffic ticket may end up costing you your license. Lose your driving privileges and you could lose your job. Lose your job and you could lose all your money. Lose...well, you get the picture. Losing your license can have a big impact now and for the foreseeable future. Of course, you could just work from home if you can find that kind of work and have your groceries delivered. Or you could do the smart thing and get an attorney to help you save your license.

  1. Your Child Is In Trouble

Children get in trouble, and some children get into a lot of trouble. If your child is in serious legal trouble like drug charges, it can feel like a nightmare. You don't know what's going to happen and you are so afraid of how this will affect your child's future. We all weigh the odds of taking a chance with ourselves, but few of us would even think of leaving something like a criminal charge to chance when it comes to our children. Relax. There's nothing your child has done that an experienced criminal defense attorney hasn't handled. Don't let the courts decide how your child should be punished. Hire a criminal lawyer, and you can dish out the consequences at home.

  1. You Want To Win Your Case

Okay, this one's not a specific situation or charge, but it does make sense, doesn't it! A criminal defense attorney's job is to get you, and your children, out of trouble. That's just what they do. Day after day, year after year, experienced criminal lawyers hone their skills with legal knowledge and plenty of practice in the courtroom. And that's what you want after all isn't it — to win your case no matter what the charges are? Some risks aren't worth taking. If you want to win, you bet on a winner and in your case, that's a Charlotte criminal defense attorney.

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