Do I Need a Charlotte Criminal Defense Attorney?

It's always best to hire a lawyer for any charge, and that's especially true for criminal charges. Not having an experienced Charlotte criminal lawyer when you could be facing hefty fines and jail time is like having a broken bone and not seeing a doctor. In both cases, things can turn bad quickly and affect you for the rest of your life.

Look, we get it. Lawyers in Charlotte don't work for free, and you don't have a lot of money to throw around. But when you consider the possible consequences, would you rather pay your criminal defense attorney a reasonable fee or possibly pay much more to the courts and get some jail time to boot?

It's sometimes difficult for the average citizen to fully understand exactly what they are being charged for when they get in trouble, much less understand all the nuances and underlying factors of criminal law. Sure, you can go online and find out a lot about criminal law and most likely all about your particular charge. You can see what has happened to others in similar circumstances and even get a general idea of what to expect.

But there are just some mistakes you can't afford to make when you've been charged with a criminal offense.  

Can Google Get You Out of Your Criminal Charges?

There are some things even the internet doesn't know! Like the true power of prosecutors. Many prosecutors have the discretion to charge you or not charge you. They can determine what charges to file against you and, maybe even more importantly, they know how to present their case against you to specific judges. These prosecutors know every judge in their district, and they know what buttons to push to get their way. Who knows, maybe you'll find a friendly prosecutor who can see your good side?

On the flip-side, your criminal defense attorney knows all about these same judges, they know how these prosecutors operate, and they've been down this road many times before. So who are you going to trust with your future — Google or a Charlotte criminal defense attorney? Don't let criminal charges ruin your life unecessarily—call The Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte at 704-714-8888 or fill out this contact form for a free consultation. Or, you could just Google us.