Why a Charlotte Speeding Ticket Attorney is Better Than Rolling the Dice

If you are a fan of Charlotte Stories, one of Charlotte, North Carolina's online news and entertainment portals, you may have seen this: Mecklenburg Drivers Can Now Get Their Speeding Tickets Reduced Online. It's true. If you get stopped for speeding in Charlotte or across North Carolina, you can hop online and possibly get the speeding charges reduced. 

We recommend talking to a Mecklenburg County traffic attorney first, but we must admit, it sounds pretty easy! No going to the courthouse, no sweating it out in court, and no need to hire a speeding ticket attorney. Just plead “guilty,” click a button, and all your troubles are over!

And that's the problem. Your problems aren't over. While the North Carolina Courts' pilot program indeed makes it easier and faster to pay, and yes, possibly reduce, their tickets. The key word here is possibly

Does This Sound Easy?

First, your North Carolina speeding ticket must be between 10 and 19 miles over the posted speed limit but under 80. (If you were going over 80, it's a different ballgame). Second, that super easy way to handle your speeding ticket is more a roll of the dice than it is convenience. 

See, part of the state's new and improved process for handling speeding tickets fast is you don't know what you'll get when you click that button. The DA could change your speeding ticket charge to an improper equipment charge. If you were really hitting the gas, the DA could drop the speed to 9 mph over the posted speed limit. Or, the DA could deny your request.  

If the DA denies your request to decrease or change the speeding charges, your original court date will still apply. If the DA approves some changes and you go for it, the fines must be paid online by midnight of the original court date or the deal expires. If this modern, cost-efficient system seems a bit complex and risky, we won't argue. 

Don't risk paying your speeding ticket online. What starts out as a run-of-the-mill speeding ticket can turn into more of a problem than you bargained for — and you won't know the consequences until after you've signed up! Save yourself the uncertainty and potentially more damaging consequences when you bet on the Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte, North Carolina.