Can I Lose My North Carolina License for Speeding Tickets?


There's a lot of information, and misinformation, available about speeding and traffic tickets, DUIs, and other potentially damaging charges that could revoke or suspend your license. No matter what the charge, your best chance for a positive outcome is to talk to a North Carolina traffic attorney. An experienced speeding ticket lawyer knows the laws and understands how to interpret those laws for your benefit. 


So, can you lose your license for speeding tickets? Yes, but it can be complicated. We'll start by taking a look at a common charge on North Carolina speeding tickets for an example — excessive speeding.


According to the NC law on excessive speeding


[T]he Division [of Motor Vehicles] shall suspend for a period of 30 days the license of any driver without a preliminary hearing on receiving a record of the driver's conviction of exceeding by more than 15 miles per hour the speed limit, either within or outside the corporate limits of a municipality, if the person was also driving at a speed in excess of 55 miles per hour at the time of the offense, or driving at a speed in excess of 80 miles per hour at the time of the offense.

To add to the confusion, and danger, a speeding and reckless driving charge can not only be hard to understand, the consequences of a conviction can be life-changing. Did you get all that! If you didn't, you're not alone. Understanding some statutes can be challenging without the help of a traffic attorney who can interpret and understand the nuances of North Carolina traffic laws. 


Every speeding ticket is different. You could have mitigating circumstances that increase or decrease the severity of the charges. There could be "grey" areas that are open to interpretation. The officer could have missed a specific step or requirement, etc. The point is, there is a lot more to a speeding charge than "going 55 in a 45 mph zone".


North Carolina Speeding Tickets: Don't Take the Easy Way Out!


North Carolina makes it super easy to pay many types of speeding tickets without even having to go to court or get a speeding ticket lawyer. While paying a speeding ticket online is convenient, it comes with an often unforeseen cost. First, understand that paying your speeding ticket online is also admitting guilt. Your charge will result in a conviction that could lead to suspension or other consequences. You could end up losing your license because of a speeding ticket when it could have been avoided. 


Don't pay your North Carolina speeding ticket online. A simple speeding ticket charge can quickly be compounded with prior traffic violations, the number of points on your license, certain circumstances, etc. You won't be aware of these potential aggravating factors until it's too late. Instead, let an experienced traffic attorney help you navigate the process and potentially save you money and more trouble than you bargained for


North Carolina Speeding Ticket Fines are Just the Beginning


North Carolina’s Safe Driver Incentive Plan determines increases in insurance rates for speeding tickets. The plan allows an 80% increase in your insurance rates if you are convicted of certain speeding offenses. Some convictions, like driving with a suspended or revoked license, can increase your insurance rates by nearly 200%. Even if the fines and fees from your speeding ticket don't seem too awful, the resulting increase in insurance premium rates could impact you financially for years. 


If you were to lose your license, you could also lose time at work and even lose your job if you can't work things out. You'll have to pay for public transportation, your travel options will be limited, and your life will be disrupted for months to years. Don't let a North Carolina speeding ticket impact you any more than it has to when you contact the Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte, North Carolina. 



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