What Does a Good Criminal Defense Attorney Look Like?

If you passed a successful criminal defense attorney on the street in Charlotte, would you even know it? Attorneys come in all shapes and sizes so you can't really spot one just from appearances. If you want to find the very best Charlotte criminal defense attorney, you have to dig deeper to get the job done. Lucky for us, accomplished Charlotte criminal attorneys consistently exhibit certain behaviors and have specific attributes.

The ideal Criminal Defense Attorney may practice in multiple areas of law or specialize soley in criminal defense charges. One isn't necessarily better than the other as long as they know their stuff, right? Right. The key is to find a criminal lawyer that is an expert as well as a trusted partner for your defense. How do you know if a particular attorney is the right partner for you? Here are five essentials to look for to find the right criminal lawyer for your case. 

5 Surefire Signs of an Excellent Charlotte Criminal Defense Attorney

1 Criminal Defense Experience

Every attorney begins somewhere, but you don't want it to be in a courtroom defending your criminal case. It's        your life and you are facing serious consequences, so it's best to have an experience criminal defense attorney on your team. How long your attorney has been defending clients and the amount of cases that involved criminal defense are critical considerations.

2 Established Local Presence

While technically, the law is the law, in North Carolina, many criminal laws can be vague and/or complicated, especially felony drug charges. That complexity can often work to your advantage when you have a criminal defense attorney with a local reputation and local connections. An attorney with a good repertorie with judges, prosecutors, and other key figures in your case can often find a receptive audience for their interpretation of the law and you specific circumstances. 

3 Successful Track Record

What is a successful track record? It could be the number of dismissals, plea deals, or a combination of both that indicates and attorney is out to win. You want a criminal defense attorney with a proven record in court trials and plea agreements because it's often hard to know which direction your case will go. Whether you're facing felony larceny charges or another serious crime, you need an attorney who can handle every scenario. 

4 Excellent Communication Skills

Any lawyer must have a certain degree of communication skills to practice successfully, but we're talking about the kind of communication criminal defendants want and need. If you're facing assault or other criminal charges, a lawyer who knows how to defend you with knowledge and words is critical—a criminal defense attorney who knows how to support clients and put them at ease is almost as important. The last thing you want when you're under duress is to feel like you aren't heard or are in the dark. 

5 Positive Client Reviews

Whether you're hiring a Charlotte criminal defense attorney or  house painter, when you want to know the real deal, you see what their clients have to say. Any good lawyer or other business person will always put their brand in the best light, but we all know it's the consumer who decides their worth.

Is Your Criminal Defense Attorney Questionable?

No, we don't mean questionable as in are they on the take or work for the mob—we mean does your defense lawyer welcome and expertly answer any and all questions. If you're considering an attorney for your criminal defense, you can bet a good sign is the willingness to answer questions and explain how things work. Don't be afraid to ask about anything case-related that comes to mind. After all, the best criminal lawyers often have the most answers! Here are a few questions to get you started:

  • How many criminal defense cases does your firm handle each year?
  • How many of those cases are similar to mine?
  • What are your fees and how does payment work?
  • Will you be working on my case alone or with a team?
  • Who is the contact person at your firm for my case? 

If your find a criminal defense lawyer who meets the five essential criteria and is happy to answer these questions and any others you have, hang on to them. You've found the one. If you need a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte for drug possession or other criminal charges, you can use this handy guide to find the best defense—or, you could make a sure bet and save time searching by reaching out to our law firm.

We meet all five of the essentials (and then some!), and make being a supportive and reliable partner for Charlotteans with criminal charges is our priority. We're here when you need us—call 704-714-888 or send a quick note online.