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A Good Larceny Defense Means Knowing Your Subject

Is it enough for a larceny defense attorney to know the difference between petty larceny and felony larceny? Of course, it is! How about the laws unique to underage offenders? You bet. These and a few other critical bits of knowledge are typically the...

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Do I Need an Attorney for Record Expunctions in Charlotte, NC?

In North Carolina, an expunction, or expungement, is the destruction of a criminal record by court order. North Carolina has recently increased expunction eligibility for criminal charges that do not result in a conviction. Opportunities to...

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Difference Between Misdemeanor Larceny vs. Felony Larceny

A criminal charge of misdemeanor or felony larceny is nothing to take lightly. Being labeled a dishonest person or a thief comes with real consequences. And jail time and other punishments are just the beginning. A conviction can affect your...

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