Do I Need an Attorney for Record Expunctions in Charlotte, NC?

In North Carolina, an expunction, or expungement, is the destruction of a criminal record by court order. North Carolina has recently increased expunction eligibility for criminal charges that do not result in a conviction. Opportunities to expunge convictions are limited, and eligibility depends on the type of offense, when it occurred, and whether the convicted party has multiple convictions. 

If you need a record expunction in Charlotte, you can start with the North Carolina Justice Center's expungement guidelines. Be forewarned the process can be complicated, but it's easier today for many North Carolina convictions to be expunged. 

The recently enacted Second Chance Act covers four tenets that open the door for more expungements:

  • Automatic relief for specific misdemeanor and felony charges dismissed or disposed of as “not guilty.”

  • Relief for juvenile offenders by approving the expunction of misdemeanor and Class H or I felony convictions that occurred when a person was seventeen or younger before December 1, 2019.

  • Provisions that give public prosecutors the power to petition for expunctions of dismissed charges, “not guilty” pleas, and convictions that fall under North Carolina's Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act.

  • Provides individuals the right to petition for expungement of nonviolent misdemeanor criminal convictions after seven years of no other offenses.

Record Expunctions in North Carolina May Be More Involved Than You Think

Even in light of the newly relaxed expunction laws, the process can still be challenging because the criteria are different for each type of expungement. The number of legal departments involved, record analysis, and legal hoops mean your process could take up to a year or longer without an expunction attorney. If a record is eligible for expunction, a petition must be completed and filed with required affidavits. Individual county and other municipal requirements for expunction can also come into play. 

Why Hire Jason Reece as Your Record Expungement Attorney in Charlotte, NC

If you qualify for an expungement, the process can be much less hassle when you have an experienced Charlotte attorney on your team. And the investment is well worth it. When you have an old record expunged, unjust charges or mistakes made in your youth don't have to haunt you for life. If you want a clean slate and a fresh start, contact the Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte, North Carolina, for your expungement defense.