Can I Get an Expungement in North Carolina?

What is an expungement?

First, understand that expungement and expunction are used interchangeably in North Carolina statutes and mean the same thing. An expunction is a legal remedy for removing a criminal conviction or charge from a person’s record and sealing or disposing of the records of arrest, charge, and/or conviction. But. An expunction in North Carolina might not wipe out all consequences of the charge or conviction. 

To see how North Carolina expungement laws affect your unique situation, check out these state statutes regarding the effects of expungement. North Carolina also has updated laws to make the expunction of certain records of juvenile delinquency more attainable. The process for expungement of juvenile criminal charges and convictions is as complicated as ever, but qualifying for juvenile expungement is less of a hurdle than it used to be. 

Who can get an expunction in North Carolina?

There are various expunction statutes in North Carolina, with some allowing the expunction of only specific types of offenses, like drug possession or larceny. Other statutes allow the expunction of a broad range of offenses for specific offenders like juveniles under 21 or 18 at the time of the charge. Other expungement statutes in North Carolina are specific to how particular charges were resolved. 

It's finally possible in North Carolina to expunge charges and their consequences that have been dismissed or resulted in a not guilty verdict. Yes, even if you were found not guilty or your case was dismissed, the charges may still be on your record and visible to employers, landlords, and about anyone else with an internet connection. 

Do I Need an Attorney to Get an Expungement?

Thanks to North Carolina's updated stance on expungements, an attorney is not required to have your record expunged. Not required, but definitely an advantage! No matter how minor or how old your charges are, the expungement process can be wrought with red tape, delays, and even unsuccessful filings.

A proven expungement attorney has the experience and knowledge to ensure your expungement goes according to plan. Like most North Carolina courts, without an attorney, your filing can be at the whim of a judge's or DA's interpretation of the expungement laws. When you have an expungement attorney, you can count on a fair process based only on the facts. 

When you're ready to clean up your criminal record by taking advantage of the new North Carolina expunction laws, consult with an expungement attorney before filing. Let one of the most respected expungement lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina, ensure you get the results you need. Call The Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte at 704-714-8888 or fill out this contact form for a free consultation.