Do I Need a Drug Charge Attorney in North Carolina?

It's no secret that drug charges in Charlotte mean you could face stiff penalties if convicted. But if you are arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking in North Carolina, a conviction could be much worse than simple possession. You could face fines, jail time, and a felony criminal record that could follow you for the rest of your life—even if you're underage.

North Carolina drug laws state that a person who knowingly manufactures, sells, transports, delivers, or conspires to do these things can be charged as a drug dealer. The quantity of the drugs involved typically dictates how someone is charged, but it's a grey area. Because drug users are often on the front lines of the drug trade, being arrested as a dealer and charged with a felony isn't unusual. 

If you are arrested for drugs, don't risk being charged for drug trafficking unfairly—let a seasoned Charlotte drug charge attorney protect your rights. Because some drugs are considered more dangerous than others in North Carolina, being arrested for certain controlled substances can permanently change your life. 

While specific amounts of drugs can automatically result in a drug trafficking charge, other circumstances can dictate similar charges. Here are the thresholds for specific drugs that can turn possession into trafficking:

  • 10 pounds of marijuana

  • 100 units of LSD

  • 28 grams of MDPV

  • 28 grams of cocaine

  • 28 grams of amphetamine

  • 4 grams of opium or heroin

  • 28 grams of methamphetamine

  • 100 units of MDA/MDMA

  • 50 units of synthetic cannabinoids

While this list isn't comprehensive, it should give you a good idea of how North Carolina defines drug trafficking. Even with the recent drug law changes, the key takeaway is: even if you are a drug user in North Carolina, there are plenty of circumstances where you could be treated as a drug dealer. If you're ever arrested for any amount of drugs or paraphernalia, it's best to get a drug lawyer that knows how to navigate the complicated waters of North Carolina drug laws. 

Don't Let a Simple Drug Charge Turn Into a Nightmare

You may think because you aren't a drug dealer, the penalties for drug possession in North Carolina aren't that big of a deal. Think again. If you or someone you know is facing drug charges in North Carolina, let one of the most respected drug charge lawyers in Charlotte, North Carolina, ensure you get a fair shake. Call The Law Offices of Jason H. Reece in Charlotte at 704-714-8888 or fill out this contact form for a free consultation.