Charlotte Traffic Citations: Let's Make a Deal!

North Carolina and Charlotte DAs are making it super easy to pay traffic citations for speeding, running red lights, and other traffic charges. Most traffic tickets in Charlotte can be paid online with the click of a button and there are even special DA departments set up to help you quickly reduce charges. Those are some pretty simple and convenient services, so if you don't care what happens after you pay your ticket, you're the ticket holder DAs are marketing to. 

While it's important what happens during your traffic stop and the charges you're facing, nothing bad can really happen until after you're citation has been resolved. Paying a traffic citation also means pleading guilty to charges you may not fully understand. It can also mean points on your license, increased insurance rates, and other problems. Do you really want to pay a citation you don't even understand and just give up?

If you pay a traffic ticket online, you lose the opportunity to maybe strike a deal with a lenient DA. Remember, DA's offices want to get rid of their backlog of traffic tickets to focust on more serious crimes. That means they could help you out with reduced charges or fines or maybe even dismiss the charges. Maybe. There's also a chance you could end up with a DA that plays by the old rules—backlog or not! 

Just like paying your traffic citation online, making a deal with a DA without fully understanding the charges and the consequences is a bad idea. Instead of rolling the dice, why not let a seasoned Charlotte traffic citation lawyer make the deal. An experienced traffic attorney knows how to take advantage of DAs' desperation and they know every North Carolina traffic law. 

Maybe just as important, attorneys from the Jason Reece Law Firm have close relationships with many DAs, judges, and other justice officials. The trust built in these local relationships doesn't mean we get special treatment, it means we, and our clients, get a fair and reasonable process. Charlotte/Mecklenburg courthouses are busy places with hundreds of employees and thousands of cases. Wouldn't you rather have a Charlotte traffic ticket lawyer who works with those court employees daily on your side? 

If you get a traffic citation in North Carolina, it's important you know what to do and what not to do. Paying your ticket online or working out a quick fix with a local DA may be fast and easy, but it's also a bad idea. From speeding tickets to DWIs, possession charges to larceny, the Law Office of Jason Reece is a Charlotte courtroom regular who knows how to get things done. Don't risk a losing bet on your future—get in touch with us today and let us show you how we do it.