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The True Cost of Speeding Tickets in North Carolina

How much is a speeding ticket in North Carolina? A speeding ticket in the Tarheel state could cost you as little as $10! But court costs, fees, and other expenses can make the cost of a speeding ticket balloon quickly. Much of the costs depend on how...

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Charlotte Traffic Citations: Let's Make a Deal!

North Carolina and Charlotte DAs are making it super easy to pay traffic citations for speeding, running red lights, and other traffic charges. Most traffic tickets in Charlotte can be paid online with the click of a button and there are even special...

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How Much Does a DWI Cost in North Carolina?

Being convicted of a DWI in North Carolina can be expensive today and for years to come. From basic fines and fees to lost income and opportunities, it can be hard to put a dollar figure on the cost of a DWI in North Carolina.    Getting...

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