The True Cost of Speeding Tickets in North Carolina

How much is a speeding ticket in North Carolina? A speeding ticket in the Tarheel state could cost you as little as $10! But court costs, fees, and other expenses can make the cost of a speeding ticket balloon quickly. Much of the costs depend on how fast you were going, where you were, and other factors. Speeding in a school zone in North Carolina, for example, incurs a $250 ticket cost. 

The financial impact of a speeding ticket in North Carolina doesn't stop after you've been convicted and paid your dues. Repeat offenders may lose their licenses and have to pay to reinstate their license and driving privaleges. Depending on your driving record, you could also be on the hook for driving classes and more. But the true cost of a speeding ticket in North Carolina may not be evident until you get your next car insurance bill. 

Why North Carolina Makes You Pay Long After Your Court Date

While a speeding ticket in Charlotte, North Carolina can be a minor charge, under the right circumstances, your insurance could go up 400 percent! That's right—get enough speeding tickets and other charges and your $120 per month insurance cost could explode to $480. Depending on your situation, you could be strapped with extra costs for years. By the way, that $360 per month increase comes out to an extra $4,320 out of your pocket for every year you fall under the insurance company's risk criteria.  

If you get a speeding ticket in North Carolina and are convicted, your insurance will go up. Your age, driving record, type of car you drive, and other factors play a part, but on average, North Carolina drivers can expect at least a 50 percent increase. The national average increase in full coverage car insurance after a speeding ticket conviction is only 21 percent in comparison. 

Being convicted of speeding is likely to increase the average cost of your car insurance due to you now being considered a higher risk than you were before. How much more you’ll pay will depend on several factors, including your age, your previous driving history and the type of car you drive. On average, North Carolina drivers will pay 50 percent more for full coverage car insurance after a speeding ticket conviction. This is much higher than the national average increase of 21 percent.

Don't Let Your Insurance Company Take You to the Cleaners

Some driving infractions like a speeding ticket can have an immediate and lasting impact on your insurance rates.The best way to keep your insurance premiums manageable is to drive safely and keep a close eye on your driving record. If you don't know how many points are on your license, even a minor moving violation could put you over the top with your insurance company. The second best way to keep your premiums from skyrocketing is to let a Charlotte speeding ticket attorney take the reins. 

The Jason Reece Law Firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, specializes in minimizing the collateral damage of a speeding ticket. Whether it's your first or your third, driving five mph over or racing, an experienced traffic attorney can help. Let the Law Offices of Jason H. Reece use their years of experince and wealth of knowledge to minimize the damage. Call (704) 714-8888 or use this short contact form today.