I Got a Traffic Ticket in Charlotte, NC—Now What?

The District Attorney's office in Mecklenburg County deals with almost 200,000 traffic cases each year. From your run-of-the-mill speeding ticket to more serious charges like DWIs, the DA has all they can handle. Because of the high volume of traffic cases and the burden they place on the courts, the DA has been kind enough to provide some guidelines for North Carolina drivers. 

How to Handle a Traffic Ticket in Charlotte and Mecklenburg County

It can be tough to interpret the sometimes complex traffic laws in North Carolina, so knowing what lies ahead can be a challenge. Depending on the circumstances, your traffic citation could be simply dismissed. Or it could be disastrous. How you handle your traffic ticket is up to you, but it's important to know what you're getting into before you follow the following guidelines:

Hire a Traffic Attorney in Charlotte, NC

No one understands North Carolina traffic laws like an experienced traffic ticket attorney, and no one knows Charlotte Mecklenburg courts and judges like a long-time local traffic lawyer. When you hire a Charlotte traffic attorney, you don't have to worry about what comes next because your lawyer is way ahead of prosecutors before you even get to court. 

Go to Court 

You don't have to go to court for a traffic ticket in Charlotte, but you can. Thanks to digital technology and a range of ways to handle your traffic ticket, it's likely you can have it handled without going to court. Your circumstances may lead your traffic attorney to decide that going to court is in your best interest, so take their advice. 

See the ADA

The ADA (Assistant District Attorney) office staffs an office in the Mecklenburg County Courthouse where drivers can request reductions, dismissals, etc. It's important to understand that the ADA may only adjust charges for compliance issues such as expired registrations, and then only when you've complied. 

Pay Your Ticket Online

Some traffic tickets issued in North Carolina can be paid online with a credit card using the payNCticket system. If you don't want to defend yourself against your charges and want to pay your fine and related costs online, be aware that it could be a mistake. If you or your attorney have negotiated a reduced charge or you have an attorney to represent you, you should not use payNCticket.

If you get a citation for speeding or any other violation in North Carolina, it's important you know what to do to minimize the damage. While it may seem like just paying your ticket online is the easiest way out, think again. If you want to settle your case with the least consequences, the Law Office of Jason Reece can help. Our traffic ticket experience and local relationships ensure you get the fair and just process you deserve. Get in touch with us today and let us show you how we do it.